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Demonic Supremacy is an old school 3D shooter with a certain nostalgic flavor and few gamer-friendly features. It offers several hours of hurricane gameplay rocking through memorable levels with the explosive heavy metal soundtrack!

Check out the epic story! Once in a while — every 3481 years in exact — the infernal tower appears in a random place on the surface of the planet. When this happens, the Chosen One is picked and granted the powers of demi-demon to slay all evil opposition. And once again this time has come — you have to crush your way through the tower, floor by floor, monster by monster, to stop the blood-frenzy hellspawns and personally meet the Lord of Hell.

Key features:

Demonic Supremacy Torrent Download

Key Fetures:

  • Epic and memorable protagonist Zexus
  • 90’s-style graphics
  • Mighty bosses including the Lord of Hell himself
  • Old-school FPS gameplay

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Разработчик: ChiliDog Interactive
Опубликовал: ChiliDog Interactive
Дата релиза: 28 Jul, 2023

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