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This Massive tactical R.P.G is the continuation of the online graphic novel “Octavio Camacho”. This story takes place in a world filled with science gone mad, corruption of all kinds, and a secret contest to possess the chalice of Exon. Join Octavio Camacho and his covert task- force named W.A.R.C.O.M to take on this epic mission .

Fate – Fate is the story mode that takes on adventure to unlock the secrets of this world turned side down and more.

Free will – Play as much as you want to collect gold to gain the title “golden emperor”. Collect coins that represent

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what kind of enemies you concurred. Reach to the top of the dice roller coin leader board. You can collect weapons

,gears, and customize your team’s skill tree to take to the story mode (fate) to over match it’s missions.

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Разработчик: The Octo Mind
Опубликовал: The Octo Mind
Дата релиза: 28 Jul, 2023

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