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As Edmond Lavier took more steps, he felt that he was going deeper into the pasts of his father and Yusuf. The death after him, the notes in the house where he spent his childhood, and the endless questions, he was getting closer to the final answer together with each mystery he solved. Traps, questions, puzzles and shadow in pursuit. When he left it all behind, he would discover that there was more to this world than he thought.


The first curtain of 13: ORIGIN, an atmospheric puzzle game full of details with horror and mystery elements, is opening.

13: Origin – Chapter I is a puzzle game about Edmond Lavier’s confrontation with the past, present and future, who has chosen to bury his childhood nightmares in the nooks and crannies of his mind,. Michael’s traps and puzzles, his missing father’s notes, Yusuf’s trust and the shadow that haunts him.

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With each puzzle you will feel the difficulty, experience that the limits of your intelligence are being tested and you are being tried to be prevented from the path to the Trust.

With the first step on the journey, fear, tension and the winding path to answers will draw you in. Each time you get closer to untying the knot, you will learn that the end of the rope drives you deeper and into chaos.


Make use of Yusuf’s notes to solve complex puzzles. Telling the beginning of his own journey, this man will show you that the past and present are one way. As you follow the steps of the past, discover the mystery of the present.


The only thing that can keep you alive in this house where death is rampant is you again. Hone your intelligence and abilities and step out of the shadow-ruled home into an ancient reality.

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Разработчик: Corvus Studio Yazilim Anonim Sirketi
Опубликовал: Corvus Studio Yazilim Anonim Sirketi
Дата релиза: 28 Jul, 2023

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