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Unswappers is an exciting game where the player becomes an agent of a timeless organization tasked with fixing changes in reality caused by Reality Rifts, also refered as “Anomalies” or “Swaps“.

You must use your skills to explore different settings accross time, detect the Swaps and solve them to prevent the destruction of the Reality.

With an engaging narrative and immersive gameplay, “Unswappers” will take you on an epic journey to save reality.

Are you ready to become a hero and save this universe? Join the Unswappers now!

You will be deployed to a setting. Time will be stopped, to prevent locals awareness of our existance.

your Mission Orders:

Each scenario tells a story but… it’s not your job to interfere.

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Key Fetures:

  • Explore the selected setting. You have 1 minute to assess the situation.
  • After the firts minute, the Reality Rift effects will start to manifest. Detect abnormalities (Swaps).
  • Use your designated equiped AAV (Anomaly Abatement Vortexer) to Unswap
  • Don’t use the AAV in anything other than a swap! Three mistakes will catalyze the Rift resulting in a catastrophe!
  • Be fast! Accumulation of unresolved Swaps will result in the Rift fully opening, destroying reality.
  • Follow this orders avoiding missfires and Swap accumulation for a certain time and the Rift will be closed.

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Разработчик: SAF
Опубликовал: SAF
Дата релиза: 25 Jul, 2023

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