东方妖精武踏会 – Touhou Fairy Knockout ~ One fairy to rule them all Free Download

A head stomping extravaganza!

Take control of bubbly and fun-loving fairies! Stomp heads or crash into the opposition to knock them to the ground, then KO them with a kick into the river!

The game is that simple!

▲ Simply stomp or crash into the enemy to KO them!

1. Nine Lively Fairies to Choose from

The cutest, colorful, mischievous fairies of Gensokyo are the stars of this story.

Players can select from nine remarkable fairies to take part in adventures and competitions.

Even Lily Black is included as her own individual character!

▲ Nine fairies to pick from. The EA version currently has four fairies; the other five will be added in the future!

2. Single/Multiplayer Story Mode

Take flight with your fairy of choice, overcome 5 stages—each with its own bosses — and reach the ending to unlock new content.

东方妖精武踏会 - Touhou Fairy Knockout ~ One fairy to rule them all Torrent Download

Key Fetures:

  • Scorching Sun: staying in the heated sun beam for more than 3 seconds makes you lose 1 HP.
  • Sunny: if an enemy’s health is depleted in the air, they are immediately KO’d with no chance to recover (a certain shrine maiden’s favorite).
  • Sand Storm: flying for more than 3 seconds in the air without touching the ground makes you lose 1 HP.
  • Thunder: an invincible ball of electricity spawns in the battlefield, KO’ing anyone who gets in its path.
  • Giant Popsicle: eat to immediately gain 1 HP.
  • Durian: force all enemies to the ground, unable to fly.
  • Boomerang: pierces all enemies in its path.
  • Shrimp Sushi: dash infinitely for a short amount of time.
  • Achievements
  • Enemies
  • Bosses
  • Weathers
  • Items
  • Music CDs
  • And trophies which will be added in the future

东方妖精武踏会 - Touhou Fairy Knockout ~ One fairy to rule them all PC Crack

Разработчик: 二色幽紫蝶
Опубликовал: 二色幽紫蝶
Дата релиза: 28 Jul, 2023

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