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You play as Aldro, a cute slime lost in an unexplored world full of magic and mystery. Explore procedurally generated levels full of strange creatures and resources unique to the area. Cultivate anywhere you choose and gather resources to build and defend your civilization from the dangers outside.


Discover new biomes, mobs, and resources during your exploration. Each unique resource will expand the items you can craft, furthering your advancement. Every level is unique to itself, and finding the perfect island to cultivate is important as unique resources within it serves as a foundation for your civilization’s success.

Character Leveling

Level your character to fit your own unique play style. Unlock pet-followers and equip items that will enhance and alter stats, providing the possibility for a variety of character builds.

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Don’t let your guard down; survival is not easy in Aldro. Levels can quickly turn from a peaceful bliss into a manic shooter within an exploratory footstep. Similar to traditional roguelikes, death is unforgiving. Leaving the player to forfeit all items, leaving Aldro with nothing but its home and the levels gained along the way.


You will not have your hand held in the presence of a boss. Each main boss exhibits the powers of a god against Aldro’s feeble power. Build an army of followers and fortify outposts to prepare and take down some of the strongest gods. Every boss can be fought multiple times with their own unique patterns and mechanics. Success in these battles brings loot and gold to whoever can conquer it.

Build and Defend

Utilize the resources around you to build your own civilization. Build houses to your preference with a decorative array of walls and floors. Create a town of resident workers to aid local mining facilities that generate resources. Develop an army to defend your home from enemies lurking to invade. Strategically construct defensive towers and walls to defend against waves of enemies during invasions against your land.

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Разработчик: Six Point Studios LLC
Опубликовал: Six Point Studios LLC
Дата релиза: 14 Jul, 2023

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